We pride ourselves in the fact that we are manufacturers and fabricators of custom metal work for all businesses and commercial contractors and their clients.

Let us incorporate custom ornamental works that are versatile and add security into your project today.

We are designers and fabricators of unique & custom crafted ornamental metal for residential and commercial use.

Enrich your surroundings with elegant ornametal metal works from chummer.

Chummer was derived from a Swahili word, 'chuma' which means iron. Iron is basically known to be a hard metallic material used for create strong objects and ornaments for human beautification. At Chummer limited we use iron, stainless steel and aluminium for beautifying your surroundings giving you a unique and impressive outlook that you desire from metal work products.

The creation of your design begins as you browse through our photo gallery viewing lots of hand forged iron product letting you combine different design coming up with a unique design or choosing a design from the gallery that satisfy your needs.

Our representatives are available to work with you, your contractor or designer to gather technical information and assist in developing your personal design ideas. All designs can be utilized for commercial or residential application and can be modified to meet your exact specification.